About Us

Cuarzos y Mas Store
At Cuarzos y Mas, we embark on a heartfelt journey steeped in Mexican tradition, crafting exquisite jewelry designed to channel the energies of amor, salud, protección, and dinero—love, health, protection, and prosperity. Our story is one of passion, heritage, and a commitment to sharing the rich tapestry of Mexican spirituality with the world.

Rooted in our family legacy of artisans, our craft is more than just a business—it's a celebration of generations past and an expression of the vibrant culture that courses through our veins. Our ancestral techniques blend seamlessly with contemporary design, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that not only adorn but also resonate with the essence of Mexican mysticism.

Meet the faces behind Cuarzos y Mas: a family deeply connected to their roots and devoted to infusing every creation with intention. From abuelita's age-old recipes for blessing candles to the wisdom passed down through the generations on harnessing the power of gemstones and crystals, our craft is a testament to the enduring spirit of Mexican heritage.

Our jewelry is more than adornment; it's a conduit for positive energies, carefully selected and arranged to align with the elemental forces that shape our lives. Each piece tells a story, whispered through the careful hands that mold the silver, embed the gems, and infuse them with the energy of the land that inspired them.

Beyond jewelry, Cuarzos y Mas offers an array of spiritual treasures, from hand-poured candles to meticulously selected gemstones and crystals. Every item is a manifestation of our commitment to spreading the warmth, protection, and prosperity that has nurtured our family for generations.

Join us in this spiritual odyssey, where every piece is a bridge between the ancient wisdom of Mexico and the modern seeker of balance and harmony. Cuarzos y Mas welcomes you to explore the magic, the history, and the love embedded in every creation—we invite you to make our family traditions a part of yours.